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The magic of a Full body Massage service

Finding the time to relax and actually relax in this day in age is no easy feat with a million other things going on in your mind and life actually finding time for yourself can be a hard task and with that the mundane day to day activates can lead to chronic stress and health problems. Especially in the hustle and bustle of the Central London area that seems to be running at 100% 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is where a full body massage can provide ample relief and having you feeling amazing again. So if you are in the mood for intense orgasms why not book a delightful Full body massage service with us in the London area in the comfort of your hotel room.

Here is why a full body massage could be perfect for you;

  • Full body massages help your mind relax and your stress or inhabitations will fade away. Your head will feel totally relaxed and you will be able to enter a deep state of relaxation.
  • Your body and muscles will receive special treatment, and every ache, pain and strain you feel will be caressed and massaged. Your body will feel less tense a lot lighter and give you a spring in your step.
  • A full body massage helps with your energy levels, the awakening energy within you and giving you the strength to get on with physical and mental tasks in your everyday life since it can help with Cortisol.
  • Unlike other massage styles which only reach pressure points around your body, a full body massage covers every single part of your body and caresses every part of your skin including your penis.
  • A full body massage is extremely liberating and can also help build confidence if you have issues such as these. They allow you to learn to be comfortable with your own body as well as teaching you about intimacy and how to be on that level with another person, putting your trust in them.
  • You learn a lot about your body and the levels of pleasure it can reach.  A full body massage can also help a lot with premature ejaculation as it builds up your endurance.
  • Massages have been proven to help with anxiety and also social interaction issues, they calm you down and help you to communicate better.
  • They also really help your performance in bed, making you more confident overall and helps you to raise your intimacy levels, learning to become more comfortable with another individual.
  • It stimulates your libido and can help you get in the mood.
  • Full body massages are obviously of the sexual nature and can be very fun and exciting as well as educational. They can help you learn many new things about sex as well as different positions and styles.
  • Full body massages introduce you to things you may have never experienced otherwise, such as couples massages or 4 hands massages. You and your partner can both enjoy a full body massage performed by a stunning masseuse while both being pleasured. Alternatively, you can also receive a 4 hands massage and interact with two masseuses at the same time. Many men prefer getting a full body massage in the style of a 4 hands massage as even more points of the body are being tended t and focused on.
  • Full body massage uses deep eye connection, in sync breathing and movement teaching you how to work well with somebody else or a different masseuse.


Overall, a full body massage is an amazing way to stop everything you are doing and worrying about and becoming one with yourself and the person you are in this amazing experience with.  They are highly stimulating and are extremely beneficial to you both mentally and physically. It is a highly effective therapy which will stay with you long after the massage is completed.

Our parlour has its very own popular Full service massages, this service can allow you to escape reality and enter your own fantasy. Have a click on our Hotel Massage London service or call our hotline to book. 07818115228

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