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Can’t Sleep? Try a 4 Hands Sensual Massage

Do you find that you’ll lie there at night, thoughts whirling around your head, and before you know it, it’s dawn and you’ve spent the entire night awake. Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest causes for insomnia. In turn, insomnia can make you cranky, irritable and unstable. You could use sleeping pills, but massage therapy is a more natural and wholesome way of inducing sleep.

Why does massage feel so good?

We are predisposed to enjoy the feeling of touch. Right from birth, we have been comforted by gentle touches. When we feel down, anything from a hug to a simple pat on the shoulder can lift our mood. Massage therapy is based on that. It is manual therapy that uses a variety of physical movements to manipulate the skin’s surface. The variation of soft circles and alternating vertical strokes can feel mesmerisingly relaxing. As well as this, masseuses use different pressures to gently ease the tension out of muscles. Relaxed muscles feel a lot better than tense ones.

What is a 4 Hands massage?

A 4 Hands massage is one where there are two masseuses instead of one, hence the ‘four hands’ instead of the usual two. As with many things in life, doubling the number of hands working on your body means doubling the amount of pleasure and relaxation.

A 4 Hands massage will always feel better than a standard one because two masseuses can manipulate a larger area of the body at the same time. For example, if you have a particularly stubborn knot in your shoulders and are lying in a peculiar position so the masseuse can reach, your lower back might start to ache. The masseuse can’t manipulate your shoulders and lower back at the same time, even if she had long arms. She needs both her hands so she can dig into the deeper tissue levels. But during a 4 Hands session, two masseuses can tend to both of these areas at the same time.

Typically, the masseuses will work in synchrony with each other, with one leading and the other following. The choreographed motions will feel extremely mesmerising, particularly because you’ll be aware that there are four hands instead of the usual two. It will be difficult to not let your mind drift while the therapists swirl their hands in neat patterns all over your body. The more your mind drifts, the more of your stresses will disappear.

How does a 4 Hands sensual massage work?

A sensual massage is an oriental massage therapy that is a fusion of manual therapy, tantra and aromatherapy. It uses aromatherapy oils to stimulate and heighten the senses, so you’re more sensitive to the massage sensations. It then uses a series of slow tantric massage techniques with varied pressures to prepare the muscles and tease the mind.

The point of a sensual massage is to induce sexual arousal, because it awakens life energy (Qi) within the body. Asian massage therapy believes that people become stressed and ill when Qi doesn’t run through the body as efficiently as it should. The only way to rebalance these energies is to arouse the body, which releases any trapped pockets and leaves people feeling vitalised. A sensual massage uses aromatherapy to excite the senses and tantric movements to control pleasure, which heightens the whole experience.

A 4 Hands sensual massage would involve all of this, but with two masseuses. This means two therapists will be slowly brushing their hands all over your body. It will be much harder to control your body and thoughts, but this is totally normal. The masseuses will slowly build your arousal and expertly keep you at the edge of orgasm, so your body will feel like it’s on fire (but in a good way). You might feel like the slightest touch will set you off. This prolonged state of pleasure will mean that when you do orgasm, it’ll be the biggest release of stress and tension you’ve ever had. You’ll never experience a more intense de-stressing sensation.

When was the last time you had a decent night’s sleep? A 4 Hands sensual massage can blast your anxieties away and allow you to sleep like a baby for the first time in forever.

Forget your troubles

A 4 Hands sensual massage can make you forget all of the things that have been playing on your mind for so long. No-one deserves to be bogged down like that. Treat yourself to a premium 4 Hands massage with us. Better yet, we offer a range of different 4 Hands oriental massages, so it doesn’t have to be sensual – you can try a 4 Hands nuru massage or a 4 Hands lingam massage if you really want to blow some serious steam. To book, head over to our contact page or check out some of our sexy 4 hands masseuses

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