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The Best Way To Enjoy Massage In Winter

Discover the best way to enjoy a massage session in winter when places are cold and freezing

Nothing goes so well together than a warm massage during a cold night. Nothing can be more sensual than a warm room, dim lights and silky oil. The chill of the outside world leaves you in the mood to enjoy the great indoors, simply because the cold night is too unwelcoming. The harsh winter meets the glowing massage against the backdrop of a gas fire that emits its warmth to the still air, whilst the hallowing winds can be heard as they whisk against the trees. Welcome to the winter massage!

The truth is that a massage can be enjoyed at any time of the year irrespective of the season but there is something about winter, despite its bitterness, that entices you to find comfort in staying home and enjoying the romance that a wintry night can offer. Start off by warming the house. Have the central heating at a comfortable temperature, normally 22 degrees Celsius is ideal because it is not too hot but warms enough to heat the air. Find a nice spot to lay down some bedding. If you’re really committed to your carpet then have a latex under-sheet so to prevent any spillages from ruining your upholstery. Then place enough sheets, quilts or blankets so to achieve a comfortable spring feel that is soft.

A good tip is to avoid using the bedroom. The use of a fireplace is crucial just to create a romantic ambience so a living room is the best place. For the more creative thinkers, two things can be done just to make this more than just a winter massage. First, sprinkle some red petals from roses onto the sheets as the most gracious romantic gesture then light some scented candles. Jasmine is the most popular scent as it has the best properties for relaxation and mood enhancement. It is also an aphrodisiac so perfect if you intend to move onto the bed afterwards (wink wink!).

Think about some slow music on a low volume so the sounds just tickle your ears. Another tip is to perform the massage in rhythm to the melody but that is totally down to individual preference. Then it’s all good to go but here is the prologue…

A nice cup of hot chocolate! Well nothing wrong in a glass of Jack Daniels or Remy Martins

Make this the most memorable hot chocolate ever. Have the best chocolate powder on the market and create some add-ons. Spray some whipped cream on top then decorate it with chocolate sprinkles coupled with a good sized marshmallow. Before you take the first sip, the rule is that you feed each other the marshmallow at the same time then you take an item of clothing off your partner.

Continue that with each sip until you are both naked then the receiver is to lie down so as to expose the back. Time for some action!

From a height, squirt some oil onto the butt cheek of your partner and really go to town. Use vigorous motion and squeeze the ass cheeks like a predatory animal by digging your nails interspersed with the occasional ass slap. This is not going to be just a normal massage – get ready for some explosive sex afterwards!

Gently tickle her back with the tips of your fingers by using dabbing circular motions. Surprise her with the occasional kneading press against her soft tissue and when she least expects it, roll her onto her back exposing her bare breasts. Using your index fingers, use circular massage motion around her nipples just to get them erect and don’t be too hesitant in giving them the occasional suck with your mouth!

Ok, so you get the idea. It’s winter, it’s cold outside. Inside, it’s hot and sex fuelled.

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