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Why You Are Wrong About Erotic Massage in London

Erotic Massage Taboos – Why You are So Wrong

Despite living in an age where sex is openly explored, there is still a negative stigma surrounding the practice of erotic massages. But why? I suppose the answer to that question is pretty straight forward:  a lot of people think it’s just prostitution with a pretty name. Erotic massages are an art, and are derived from the ancient practice of Tantric which is widely recognised and acknowledged for its incredible healing powers. Despite being widely practiced, erotic massages are often mistaken for all the wrong reasons. Whatever the reasons, they have a bad rep, but that is why we need to set these allegations straight. We live in the 21st century people; sex is not the taboo subject people are making it be. Sexual exploration should be celebrated, not hidden away like a dirty little secret. It is my opinion that people are afraid to explore the vast and wonderful world of sex, instead, cowering away behind a blanket of misinformation. If you have no desire to open your mind up to the world of erotic massages, I would suggest you don’t read on. But if your curiosity is flickering which I’m sure it is, you’re in for a treat.

Getting an erotic massage is NOT illegal

Let’s clear things up once and for all: paying for sex is NOT illegal, nor is selling it. But soliciting sex and running a brothel is. Although erotic massages don’t necessarily lead to sex, the option is usually there, so paying for sex is a possibility. But how is this any different to buying sex toys from a sex shop? You are paying for pleasure, no matter how you want to justify it to yourself. Erotic massages are not just prostitution with a cherry on top. Erotic massages are extremely spiritual and sensual experiences, and are growing in popularity due to their vast portfolio of healing powers. Erotic masseuses are professionals; they are fully trained experts in the art of Tantra and use ancient techniques to cleanse the body and mind. Erotic masseuses do not linger on street corners sporting thigh high leather boots; they are often educated, intelligent and sophisticated women who are passionate about the art of Tantra. Generally speaking, a prostitute will earn on average around £75 an hour. An erotic masseuse earns a minimum of £140. Why you think that is? It’s simple: erotic massages are not just about sex. They require a great wealth of skill and expertise, and are extremely powerful and moving experiences for the client. Providing massages to clients is different from providing sex, and this is another area where the escort business differs from the business of prostitution. There are a number of escorts who are paid premium rates because they are excellent masseurs. The benefit that masseuses have over prostitutes is that they are the ones who set the terms for clients. They clearly define what they provide and what they do not.To become an erotic masseuse is expensive, and requires months of intense training. Legitimate salons only hire professionals, and usually require a 6 months’ probation period for employees to ensure their skills are of the highest standard. An erotic massage is not a sleazy hook-up; it’s an investment.

They are not just about sex

The term ‘Tantric’ literally means ‘woven together’, so a Tantric massage is exactly what is says on the tin. Tantric massages are about unity, body-to-body contact and spiritual connection, not just sex. In any erotic massage, your masseuse will teach you about your body; how to locate pleasure, how to control it and how to appreciate it. Practitioners of Tantra believe that the body and mind are one, and people seeking an erotic massage are often looking to reconnect the two. Despite premeditated notions, reaching orgasm is not the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the journey that matters. The level of intimacy between a masseuse and the client is greater than for any other type of massage. Erotic massages are performed for pleasure, but this is not limited to pleasure of a sexual nature. The psychological gains are far more beneficial.

They aren’t just for men

It’s safe to say that exchanging money for sexual pleasure is viewed as a stereotypically masculine pursuit. However, over the last couple of years, there has been a wave of female clientele. As far as typecasts go, a man seeking paid sex is as deemed normal (generally speaking), but for a woman, it would be scandalous because female fantasy is not as deeply explored as it should be. It is only now that women are beginning to accept and voice their sexual needs. The ‘Yoni’, which is the Tantric word for vagina, is valued as an extremely sacred and powerful thing. A ‘Yoni’ massage focuses on the Yoni, and uses various techniques and methods to unlock the ultimate pleasure for a woman. Screw biology, women are not just breeding machines designed to fit the needs of men. Women are sexual and sensual beings who need not starve their erotic desires any longer. As well as this, receiving an erotic massage at the hands of a female masseuse does not make you a lesbian. Erotic massages are about appreciating and celebrating the body, so sexual preference has little do with it. You are there to lie back and enjoy the ride, not return the favour. However, although in shorter supply, male tantric masseuses do actually exist if you’d rather have a session with a hunky bloke. So whether you’re straight, bi-sexual or undecided, don’t let men have all of the fun, go and sexually liberate yourself girls!


It’s not all about pleasure; they’re good for your health

We have already covered the spiritual and psychological advantages of an erotic massage, but it’s about time we discuss the physical benefits too. For those of you, who still think erotic massages are a little bit sketchy, wait until you hear this. Erotic massages are actually prescribed by doctors to treat various illnesses! Yes, you’ve heard correctly, apart from being erotic and sexual, they also serve as medical remedies. Take a Prostate Massage for starters.  A Prostate Massage is known to be one of the most pleasurable experiences for a man, but the associated health benefits are more widely known. Health issues such as erectile dysfunction, Prostatitis, and problems surrounding Urine flow, can be improved or even resolved as a result of a prostate massage. Similarly, various other styles of erotic massage all encourage mental wellbeing. Erotic massages boost self-esteem, encourage mental cleansing and can even help tackle mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The level of relaxation reached by most clients encourages blood flow across the body, helps to control breathing and lowers stress levels which can lead to a variety of health issues. So the next time you think of an erotic massage as an expensive hand-job with a happy ending, think again. They could work wonders for your health.

They don’t wreck relationships, they save them

If you found out your boyfriend had paid for an erotic massage somewhere, you’d be pretty angry right? But you’d be surprised to learn that this could be the thing that saves your relationship. Couples’ Tantric massages are not just a ‘thing’; they are becoming a growing industry across the UK. There are numerous reasons why couples are getting more experimental, but let’s start with the most obvious: they can really spice up your sex life. Erotic massages are called ‘erotic’ and not ‘sexual’ for a reason and that is because they’re completely different things. If you were to describe a massage as sexual, you would be limiting it to sexual activity only, whereas the term ‘erotic’ opens it up to a wave of possibilities. Erotic massages do not just involve sex; they are highly spiritual and enable couples to reconnect with each other on a much deeper level. Do you see sex as a chore and something you just want to get ‘over and done with?’ Sadly, you are not alone, but starving yourself and your partner of passion is not good at all. It’s the main ingredient you need to spice things up. Erotic sex is about maximising pleasure through sensuality, body worship, mental connection and romance, teaching couples about each other’s bodies and showing them how to postpone pleasure and orgasms. It is a wonderful way to reignite the sexual relationship by learning new skills to practice on one another. It can be given as a gift by one partner to the other to let them experience another person’s touch without threatening the relationship. Whether you want to watch your partner or want to be involved, they really can work wonders for your relationship. If however, you’d feel more comfortable experiencing this with only your partner, there are courses available across the country to help couples get on board with Tantra. Sex is important, so if your relationship is lacking a bit of spark, turn up the heat a little bit.

There’s nothing weird about a stranger giving you an orgasm

It’s fair to assume that most people possess some kind of sexual curiosity, but fail to explore it out of fear, coyness and wariness. Or maybe you have been pretty experimental in the past but haven’t met anyone who’s been able to push you over the edge. Sound familiar? Well I am here to tell you that you’re starving yourself of a basic human necessity: an orgasm. Believe it or not, experimenting with and exploring sex with different people is good for your health, so next time you come down a cold, think twice before you reach for the paracetemol. Having sex and experiencing orgasms is great for your immune system because it encourages your body to produce an important antibody known for tackling illness. Studies have actually shown that people who climax several times a week have a 50% less chance of dying from a medical complication; so the more sex you have, the more disease proof you become.  Orgasms can: boost fertility, prevent heart attacks, smooth out wrinkles, lower blood pressure and cure headaches; but it don’t just end there. Sex can help tackle mental illnesses such as stress, depression and self-esteem, which can of course aggravate existing or create new physical health problems. Meeting the one person who syncs with you perfectly in the bedroom is hard to come by, but for the really unlucky few, it might not ever happen. It’s a known fact that women often have more difficulty reaching an orgasm, but a lot of the time it’s psychological. If you tell yourself you can’t climax, the chances are you won’t, so getting an erotic massage might just be the perfect solution for you! Your masseuse will endeavour to relax your body, which will help clear your mind. Reaching an almost meditative, euphoric state is when orgasms start to happen- and you your masseuse will show you how to access this time and time again. Aside for practicing various techniques known to increase pleasure, this erotic experience is will help you broaden your sexual awareness, and perhaps learn more about your body and what turns you on. Everyone should experience regular orgasms, so the next time you convince yourself its fine to go without an orgasm, remind yourself of one thing. It is good for your health!

So there you have it, Erotic Massages aren’t as seedy as you thought. If you are in fact googling ‘the best happy ending massage London’ or whatever area you live in as we speak, make sure you’ve read plenty of customer reviews before you book anything. Erotic massages are the best, so make sure you get the best. Erotic massages might still not be your thing, and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe you’re already sexually satisfied, or maybe it’s a little too out there, either way, that is fine. But if you are in fact craving the erotic experience of a life time, you now know what to do.

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