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The Often Misconceived Prostate Massage

A Surprising Insight Into Prostate Massage

We recently had a few posts written as part of an application process here at Hotel Massage London so we thought we would share some of the insights we found from this work, full credit for this goes to Mr Hallas who had the following to say about the often misunderstood prostate massage, a very sensual service we offer around London. He had the following to say….


As a gay man I am like a confessional booth to straight men. They privately and reluctantly admit to me anything bum-related they may have tried in the bedroom. I suppose by default I am more open-minded than your average “dude” and they feel confident enough to tell me about something “gay” such as massaging their prostate during masturbation/ oral sex. However massaging your prostate isn’t “gay”- it’s orgasmic.

Guys, imagine receiving the best blowjob you’ve ever had… then double it. The prostate gland isn’t called the “Male G Spot” for no reason. Massaging the prostate gland is known to produce stronger orgasms and stronger ejaculations as well as increased pleasure before climaxing. The prostate gland is approximately the size of a walnut and can be found about 1-2 inches within a man’s rectum. Luckily, there is more than 1 way to massage it! I’ve listed a couple of my favourites below.

Internally Massaging The Prostate

Internally here euphemistically means “fingering”- which is the most common method of massage. Apply lots of lube to the anus and finger, before gently teasing your way inside the anus. Be very slow and gentle as you insert your finger- the anus will tend to contract automatically. One comfortably inside the rectum your finger should reach up approximately 1-2 inches (though this can vary) and gently curve towards your penis. You should feel a bump somewhere around this area. Congratulations! You’ve found the P Spot! Gently rub or tap on the area with your finger for an amazing and intimate sexual massage. It may be advisable to douche first for hygiene purposes, as well as to wear latex gloves.

Externally Massaging The Prostate

This method is a favourite of mine because you get all the pleasure without the hassle of lube and douches and anal taboos. It involves a massage of the perineum- the area between a man’s anus and testicles. It is commonly referred to as the
“taint” or “gooch” for reasons I am yet to understand. With your ring, middle and index fingers pushed together into a triangular shape- massage the area approximately halfway between the anus and testicles. Move your fingers in gentle circles or perhaps back and forth depending on your preference. You can also firmly tap on the area once you’ve definitely found it. This method is ironically trickier than the internal method- as it can be difficult to find the right spot… you are trying to massage your prostate from the outside after all! Give it time and you’ll find it- this external massage coupled with a blowjob can be simply mind-blowing. Believe me gents- I know.

Alas I hope you have enjoyed this short guide, be sure to check out our prostate massage london page if you want to know more. Be open-minded fellas! Sexual wonder awaits you.

I’m off to… do some more work.

Author: Joseph Hallas

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