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6 Unique Things About a 4 Hands Massage

If having two girls massage you while you’re the centre of their world for one glorious hour sounds like an ideal situation, you should think about trying a 4 Hands massage. A 4 Hands massage is a special style of massage where two masseuses work on your body instead of one, which is the traditional style. Because there are two masseuses (double the normal amount), greater pleasure and relaxation can be achieved.

So whether you’re feeling stressed and need a bit of intense pampering or you’re not sure if the sensations will be too much for you, here are five unique things about a 4 Hands massage.

1. There are two masseuses instead of one

A 4 Hands massage is called that because of the four hands that are involved in massaging you. Instead of a single masseuse in a traditional setting, two masseuses are involved. Together, these masseuses can reach further places and simultaneously caress opposite ends of your body. Because of this, a 4 Hands massage produces more exciting sensations and promotes a deeper sense of relaxation than traditional massage. Have you ever laid there during a normal massage, wishing that the therapist could somehow dig her elbows into your lower back as well as continuing to press into your shoulder blades? Well, two masseuses can achieve this!

2. The masseuses will work in synchrony with each other

A 4 Hands massage is like any other massage except for the fact that there are two masseuses instead of one. The two therapists will work in synchronised motion with each other. Typically, they will work on two separate sides of the body – either the left and right, or the top and bottom. One therapist will lead and the other will follow. The carefully choreographed swirls and fanning strokes across your skin will feel extremely mesmerising. The delicate touch will feel therapeutic and help you to de-stress.

3. A 4 Hands massage is intensely relaxing

You are guaranteed to feel relaxation like never before during a 4 Hands massage. Two masseuses can apply pressure to polar ends of your body and give you full body tension release. You can feel muscle knots being worked out in your calves as well as the back of the neck and at the same time.

4. It’s also incredibly arousing

It’s normal to become aroused during a massage, but even more so to get aroused during a 4 Hands massage. After all, it sort of feels like a threesome. If you choose to get a 4 Hands erotic massage, it’s even more arousing. We recommend a 4 Hands sensual massage, 4 Hands tantric massage or if you’re feeling supremely stressed, a 4 Hands lingam or 4 Hands nuru massage are very effective. You are guaranteed to experience intense, toe curling tension release.

5. It can help you sleep

When you experience an orgasm, your body releases hormones and endorphins that work to promote a state of mental tranquillity and stabilise your mood so you no longer feel anxious. During a four hands massage london therapy, you can feel these effects even more deeply as two masseuses will work on your body to give you the most powerful release you’ve ever had. With this intense release, any anxious thoughts you’ve had over the past month will be blasted from your mind and you’ll sleep soundly. If you want to cure insomnia, you should consider getting a 4 Hands massage.

6. It’s a fantastic way to spice up your relationship

If you feel like your marriage is failing or you’re losing that chemistry, you should consider getting a 4 Hands erotic massage. The therapists can show you new places on your body that you didn’t know could arouse you but do. It can show you the excitement you’ve been missing and reignite the motivation to restart your relationship.

How do I book an Asian 4 Hands massage?

To book, head over to our gallery, choose an Asian masseuse, massage styles (we offer a range of different oriental massages from tantric, sensual and erotic to nuru, lingam and prostate). From just £120 an hour, you are guaranteed the most memorable tension release of your life.

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