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The Surprising Health Benefits of 4 Hands Massage


4 Hands Massage: Are Two Pairs of Hands Better Than One?

Double the girls, double the pairs of hands so double the fun, right? A four handed massage, also known as a 4 Hands massage, is a unique form of erotic massage. In contrast to a standard massage, a four handed one uses two masseuses working on one body with their actions mirroring each other’s. So if one masseuse works on your left leg, the other will work on the right. This creates a fluid motion that is deeply relaxing and mesmerising.

A 4 Hands massage possesses an intensely relaxing power that’s unrivalled by other types of erotic massage. Two pairs of hands can do much more and reach so much further than a single pair. It’s a choreographed dance – under the capable hands of your professional masseuses, you’ll be transported to a new level of raw excitement. As you lie there, you’ll be simply captivated by the overwhelming sensations of a two person massage. It’s basically all of the arousal and pleasure that comes with a threesome, but without any penetration. It’s just as enjoyable but far less messy.

What happens in a typical four handed session?

Any massage can be adapted for a 4 Hands session. You can enjoy anything from a shiatsu, Swedish or even sports massages to any of the erotic modalities. 4 Hands are great for overworked clients who are particularly starting to feel the strains of their busy lives.

The massage typically starts with a full body massage to begin relaxing the muscles and body. The two masseuses will mirror each other’s movements, their hands fanning out across your skin in synchrony. In the beginning, your mind will be perplexed as it tries to separate the two sets of hands and their movements. But as the massage goes on, you’ll relax and indulge in the sensation of the four hands dancing across your skin in an almost-choreographed way.

Now, depending on the type of massage you’ve chosen, the session will change slightly. Shiatsu therapists will use just their fingers to massage your body at different pressures while Swedish is more varied; using a variety of effleurage, kneading, tapping, vibrations and friction. There are also the erotic massages, which are designed to stimulate the body towards a pleasurable release and leave both the body and mind in a state of deep relaxation.

What should I expect from an erotic 4 Hands massage?


Erotic massages are meant to arouse the body, stimulating and encouraging it towards release; usually in the form of an orgasm (some people experience multiple orgasms). Orgasms are a great way of de-stressing. Haven’t you ever at least thought about sex or masturbation before bed to help send you to sleep? Orgasms release a cocktail of happy, calming and feel-good hormones that eliminates anxiety and stress – two of the biggest antagonists of sleep.

Erotic massages use a variety of sensual touches and slow strokes to excite the senses. A 4 Hands erotic massage takes advantage of this. By doubling the number of hands, the senses will be heightened and body will be more receptive to the sensual touches. In a typical erotic, sensual or tantric massage, the masseuses will slowly work on the body, gradually bring the arousal up notch by notch. When you feel as though you can’t take it anymore, they’ll slow down. The basis of an erotic massage is to maintain a state of arousal and prolong pleasure because it leads to a more rewarding and powerful orgasm.

A lingam massage is focused on the male genital area (yoni is the female counterpart). A four handed lingam massage will be unlike any other genital stimulation you’ve ever had or will ever have. Two pairs of hands can work on a greater surface area for starters, so while one pair of hands strokes the shaft, the other pair can touch the underside like the testicles and scrotum. The combined stimulation and the fact that your entire genitals will be stroked and teased (one pair of hands cannot do this) will overwhelm you. Many men literally explode in pleasure and experience multiple orgasms. It’s a very intense experience and they leave the session feeling greatly satisfied and content.

A nuru or body2body massage is more interesting. Both involve the masseuse using her body is the massaging apparatus as well as her hands. So instead of just rubbing her hands over your body, she’ll slide and grind her whole body against yours. It’s extremely pleasurable and for many men, it sounds like a fantasy. A 4 Hands nuru or 4 Hands body to body massage is even more erotic. It’s not just four hands, it’s two bodies instead of one. You’ll practically be sandwiched between two bodies, one rubbing on your front and the other sliding on your back. You’ll feel four breasts, four pairs of legs and two groins rubbing against you. Like a lingam massage, the sensations will be overwhelming and multiple orgasms are common.

What are the benefits of a 4 Hands massage?

Intensely relaxing
Reduces stress and anxiety
Helps insomnia
Promotes healing by boosting immune and circulatory system
Soothes muscle pains and aches
Improves skin condition as the oils, lotions and gels are highly moisturising
Tones skin as massages stretch and smooth out skin
Boosts sex drive and helps with premature ejaculation
Relieves pain from urinary problems

Is a 4 Hands massage better than a regular massage?

It depends on what you want from a massage and what problems you are trying to soothe – whether that be stress, anxiety, muscle aches or more serious ailments. It’s important to first isolate exactly what results you’re looking for before choosing what type of massage to go for.

A 4 Hands massage offers all the same long-lasting benefits as the classic massage, but the sensations are amplified and relaxation and pain relief tends to be achieved more quickly with a 4 Hands, as twice as work is being put into the body. If you’re looking for quick relief, a four handed massage would be perfect. If you don’t mind gradual benefits, a classic massage would do fine. Many people choose and enjoy a four handed massage because it is intensely relaxing and stimulating to have two massage therapists pampering their overworked bodies.

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